AAPCO, LC proudly announces the grand opening of SolarTyme – a division of AAPCO, LC dedicated to addressing alternative energy, energy conservation and environmentally friendly products.After Years of research and ever increasing energy cost (Gas, Oil and Electric) Solar Energy is more affordable than ever!!!

We believe SolarTyme is now!!




Check out a SolarTyme ground mount system being installed!


Check out a SolarTyme roof mount system being installed!


As always AAPCO, LC has chosen the best products avilable:
• Mono Crystalline Modules: Superior performance and aesthetically pleasing.
• Micro Inverters: Allows each module to operate independently for maximum performance. Also power point tracking of each module.
• Monitoring System: Monitored by Enphase Energy and you! This allows you to monitor your system, panel by panel, or as a whole, through hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly graphs. If there are any irregularities in daily performance, an alert will be sent to us, and you, the owner.
• Warrantied: All have the industry leading performance warranties.
With Federal Tax Credits, Factory Incentives and energy savings, most homeowners can obtain tomorrows energy today, at little or no additional expense!

Please Contact Mike Kenney, Manager of SolarTyme, in reference to our current special promotions and to schedule a free energy analysis at (804) 271-2500 or click here.


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